Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Social Raptor!!

So I overheard my wife talking to her sister and they were discussing our family roles. At one point I was referred to as the "social butterfly" in our relationship. Well I will tell you this, I am a man, and I care not to be referred to as a "butterfly". There is nothing masculine about being a butterfly, that gay little delicate bug that flits around flowers sucking out their nectar. I certainly have no problem crossing gender roles around the house and I think we run a pretty well oiled, albeit delayed sometimes, machine around here. We share in all the duties and try and chose the chores we like better for each of us. I do most of the cooking unless there is an appetizer, fancy breakfast casserole, or cake to make. It's just what we do and we are fine with it. I have no problem also doing things like picking out fabric for a quilt that needs to be made for our bed. I let my lovely wife make the quilt though. I reserve my sewing prowess for more manly things like flyrod sleeves and whatnot. Heck, I will even go bra shopping once every ten yrs or so as long as we get to go out to dinner after!

This brings things all down to this request. When referring to a man as the social person in a relationship, I would like to change the term to something more manly, like the Social Raptor!! Yeh, that's better. I am not sure why the butterfly was chosen in the first place, probably because it flits from flower to flower like a perky gay (the 1930's gay, not the sexual preference) lady chit chatting among party attendees. Well, we are MEN and when we socialize, we do it with raptor like strength. We wear carhartts not kahkis, t-shirts not polo shirts. So I say, let the social raptor reign in the marriage and be the strong balance we can be!!

My prayer:

Lord, let my words be taken as a show of masculine strength, but in love for all those around me. Let them not offend anyone but add a little humor to everyone's day. In your son Jesus' name, AMEN.

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